Why does the ship-owner rent his beloved Muchacha?

The reason is because he cannot use her with the necessary continuity as much as he would like to. This yacht, with all her sophisticated equipment must be used constantly and competently, also in winter, in the frequently warm and beautiful days in Liguria in order to be ultimately efficient.

It is for this reason that he has chosen to entrust her to an expert and pleasant Skipper, assisted by an efficient crew that can be called upon at any time depending on the necessity.

The yacht is offered to demanding guests that wish to spend comfortable and unforgettable days in one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean, pampered completely, including culinary temptations. The atmosphere onboard the Muchacha is warm and elegant, just like that of a beautiful house lived in regularly by people with a refined, high-profile lifestyle. Quite the contrary to the cold atmosphere of many beautiful, neutral and conventional hotels. 

A friend leaves his own yacht, just as she is, for a couple of days to his friends.

To make them happy.